Bob Drillio

President C.O. Certified Orthotist

IAM O & P, Inc.

339-298-4351 (fax)

IAM Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc. (IAM O&P, Inc.) was founded in November 2002 by Robert and Sharon Drillio. Prior to opening IAM O&P. Inc. they worked in the field of O&P since 1970. Initially they developed and began their first private O&P facility in 1976, and have managed and provided services for another O&P parctice. 

IAM Orthotics and Prothetics, Inc. is a privately owned company. We provide Orthotic , prosthetic, and Ancillary products and services for children and adults. In house and home based appointments are provided as wellas, regularly scheduled clinic based services in a variety of schools and hospitals. Robert is a certified Orthotist with the American Board for Orthotics and Prosthetics ABC), an Academy Member (AAOP) and is also a Pediatric Specialist with advanced training in the Boston Idiopathic scolisosis bracing and DAFO application in the hemiplegic gait patient. Robert has extensive experience, including but not limited to, 

* Co- investigator and author in the effectivness of orthotic design and of knee orthoses (KAFO) with stance control knee joint for post polio survivors. 

* Becoming published on the (CIPAFO) tone reduction AFO for adults with spasticity in stroke management. 

* Administering multiple lectures at Boston University and Simmons College in his areas of expertise. 

Robert developed a multi-discipline clinic at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital (started in 1978) and has expanded this clinical program to include multiple satellite locations within their network.  Robert also began the pediatric clinic NRH in 2001 with Dr. Nimec. 

Aaron Norell


339-298-4351 (fax)

Aaron Norell, C.O., BOCP has been employed by IAM since 2006 and has worked in the field of O & P since 1992. Aaron has worked with numerous Neuro, Orthopedic and Vascular Surgeons at Standford Medical Center and San Francisco General in weekly  O& P clinics. Aaron worked with his own families O & P business in California as well. Aaron has worked closely with ongoing Early Intervention Clinics, collaborated with schools and provided weekly services in our current Rehabilitation Hospital Clinics. Aaron has a special interest in pediatrics and specializes in Rigid Removable dressing (R.R.D) and immediate Post-Operative Prostheses (I.P.O.P) which promote early ambulation for amputees.


Michael Drillio

Certified Fitter, COA Certified Assistant Technici

339-298-4351 (fax)

Michael Drillio, CFO , holds ABC Certification as a fitter and Innovative Neutronics (Walk Aid System). Michael is Lead Technician who has been with the company for over 15 years and has a special interest in adult stroke patients.


Sharon Drillio

Vice President, Financial Bookkeeping

339-298-4351 (fax)

Sharon Drillio has worked along side Robert Drillio since the start of their first business in 1976. Sharon handles the administrative management of the company, leads human resources, payroll, and manages all financial needs of the business.

Jestine Drillio


339-298-4351 (fax)

Jestine Drillio manages all the billing of all the insurance companies and processing of P/O's. Prior to IAM, Jestine has been a Director of Early Educational Programs and a Case Manager for those working with the Department of Children and Families (DCF).


Jessica Cummings

Office Administrator

339-298-4351 (fax)

Jessica Cummings has been with IAM since 2018. Jess manages the day to day office administration, serves as a liaison for the patients, and scheduling of appointments. Prior to IAM, Jessica worked as a Litigated Claims Rep in a pharmacy for workers compensation patients.


Lila Bennett

Insurance Cordinator

339-298-4351 (fax)

Lila has been with IAM since February 2018. Lila will be the liason between IAM, the patient and your insurance company by verifying eligibility, DME benefits, and requesting Prior Authorization if needed. Prior to joining IAM, Lila worked for Quest Diagnostics.

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